Krista Lynn Campbell

Don’t Settle for Socks

Discarded clothes and empty hangers accumulated around my feet. As piles of too-tight jeans and too-snug shirts grew, so did uncertainties. Nothing fit well, looked right, or felt good. Read more at The Round Farmhouse Ministries:

Outside Looking In

He stood outside and watched plates filled with chicken, rice, and fruit circle the room. But he wasn’t alone. Sad faces with hungry eyes crowded around windows while children inside gobbled food. Several years ago, I met this young boy in Tanzania while traveling with Compassion International. To convey as much love as possible, I … Outside Looking…

Our Maker Can Handle Our Messes

A late night phone call delivered hard news. My mind struggled to keep up as lies unraveled and truth emerged. A family member’s betrayal left me feeling foolish, blindsided, and beyond angry. Years of deception collapsed into a big, complicated mess.  Memories of family beach vacations, holiday celebrations, and dinners around my dining room table … Our Maker…

Battling Evil with the Dynamic Duo

Batman and Jesus are Angel’s heroes. My eleven-year-old sponsored child from Mexico named them worthy of his admiration. The connection between Batman and Jesus was clear. Both are brave, strong, and help those in need. They battle evil and win. Batman and Jesus are the ultimate dynamic duo. In Ephesians 6, Paul paints a picture … Battling Evil…

hope in the waiting

God sees and loves your loved one. They are never too far gone, too far wasted, or too far damaged. No matter the distance, circumstances, addictions, debt, or life choices, God loves the lost.