Krista Lynn Campbell



As we pause to remember a man with a great dream today, I am reminded of another dreamer. Joseph’s life-journey revolved around his dreams and his God-given ability to interpret other’s dreams. Joseph innocently shares his dreams with his brothers and his father. Both of his dreams highlight that one day his family will bow …

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My husband was a high school wrestler and I attended many of his wrestling matches years ago. Wrestling is such an unique sport.  No extra equipment like a  racket, bat, club or any-shaped ball.  One on one using just muscles, motions, and maneuvers. The wrestler tries to control and maintain restraining power over his opponent. Most of the time, I was …

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The Scales

It’s January; time to think about losing weight. Time to try to eat more broccoli and not as many chocolate chip cookies. To demonstrate how serious I am, I head out  to buy new bathroom scales. I am convinced that my tight-fitting jeans must be due to my current scales malfunctioning and not from peanut M & M’s. New …

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Tentacles. Yeah, those slimy, far-reaching, creepy arms that envelop you and squeeze the stuffin out.  They latch on and they don’t let go. I am pretty sure satan has tentacles. He is commonly portrayed with a forked tail, horns and pitch fork but my visual  has him sporting tentacles too. Lots and lots of them. Tentacles equipped with …

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Beef and Cheese

There is a scene from the Christmas movie, Elf, where Buddy the Elf (played by Will Ferrell) accuses the Santa Claus at a department store of being a fraud. Buddy, who grew up as a human at the North Pole, certainly knows who Santa is and he passionately declares  “He is not Santa!” as he pulls …

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