Krista Lynn Campbell

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A late night phone call delivered hard news. My mind struggled to keep up as lies unraveled and truth emerged. A family member’s betrayal left me feeling foolish, blindsided, and beyond angry. Years of deception collapsed into a big, complicated mess.

Memories of family beach vacations, holiday celebrations, and dinners around my dining room table appeared tainted and fraudulent. Well-meaning friends offered awkward silence or unsolicited advice. Both felt like salt being rubbed into my wounded heart.

You can read more at  Our Maker Can Handle Our Messes


Does your heart ache over a prodigal? My story of the power of prayer first posted at (in)Courage in 2018, I was honored to discover they reposted it in March 2020.

Lies and betrayal replaced bedtime prayers as my precious ballerina daughter transformed into a rebellious stranger. Throughout high school she tested home rules, but college life offered additional freedoms too hard to resist. Following graduation, she moved in with her boyfriend and walked the path of a prodigal.

You can read the full post at Parking Lot Praises For A Prodigal Daughter


My trip with Compassion International was featured at (in)Courage in June 2019.  While my husband climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with others from our CI group, I savored extra days with our two sponsored children.

When we enter spiritual battles against an enemy who seeks to destroy, we are never alone. Though darkness, despair, and doubt threaten, our confidence rests in God’s protecting hands. I rested in that truth as I traveled through Tanzania. You can read more at  I Need to Hold Your Hand.