Krista Lynn Campbell


the horse rider

As the chickens strutted around our feet, we introduced ourselves to the mother and her three sons. Jorge,  (pronounced Hor-hay) was enrolled in the local Compassion project. Under the warm Mexican sun, our lives intertwined as we listened, prayed, and enjoyed their chickens, turkeys, and Jorge’s pet turtle. Through our interpreter, Jorge shared his dream …

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Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. ~ Abraham Lincoln Preparation is deflated soccer balls, bubbles, crayons, and Spanish lessons on You Tube. Hola, me llama Krista and Jesus te ama. Preparation week culminates with a Chipotle burrito and a Walmart run for play-doh and Pepto Bismol. Evidence …

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Vote Open a checking account Enlist in the military Change your name Get married or divorced Sign legal documents and contracts Buy insurance Apply for a credit card Weighty privileges accompany 18th birthdays in the United States. On Saturday, our sponsored son in Tanzania celebrates his 18th birthday. How will Bilali spend his special day? Since …

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It dangled from a peg with the displayed Christmas ornaments. The miniature, rainbow-colored xylophone with its tiny mallet caught my eye. I smiled as I pictured my eight-month old grandson, Cam, banging on his toy xylophone. He creates music only a grandparent can love.  This Christmas, I decided to continue a tradition my mother began …

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Batman and Jesus

Mother Teresa. Corrie ten Boom. Eric Liddell. Parents, first responders, Sunday School teachers. These names come to mind when I consider the question,“Who is your hero? When my sponsored child from Mexico responded to the same question, I couldn’t help but smile. Angel’s response? Batman and Jesus. What a great answer! I love the honesty …

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I met this little boy while visiting a Compassion project in Tanzania.  After touring the facility and worshipping with the children,  it was time to eat. We served approximately 100 children a meal of rice, chicken, and fruit. This little guy was not enrolled in the Compassion program. I don’t know the reason. But he, …

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