Krista Lynn Campbell

Don’t Settle for Socks

Discarded clothes and empty hangers accumulated around my feet. As piles of too-tight jeans and too-snug shirts grew, so did uncertainties. Nothing fit well, looked right, or felt good.

If only I were thinner. If only an average size pair of jeans slid on without struggle. If only the mirror reflected a slimmer me. Each ‘if only’ produced tears and fed the lie growing behind the fitting room door.

My weight determined my worth. 

Disgusted and discouraged, I dried my eyes, gathered the discarded clothes, and moved toward the cashier with a ‘safe’ purchase. White, ankle-high socks.

Listening to lies instead of trusting in truth was a daily battle. Lies from the enemy lurked in fitting rooms, lingered around mirrors, and loitered at scales. Untruths about my worth tripped me up and brought me crashing down.

In 1 Peter 2, the apostle shared with first-century believers how God viewed and valued them. But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.1 Peter 2:9 (NIV) Centuries later, those Spirit-inspired words still apply to believers, no matter our shape or size.

To make sure we don’t miss the message, God personalized it.

But you. 

Those two little words pack a punch and invite us closer. ‘But you’ says pay attention and grasp what I am saying. This is how I see youThis is who you are to Me. 

God didn’t mince words or cloak His feelings. But you are chosen, royal, holy, and special. We can cling to and claim each hope-giving attribute.

  • We are chosen. Accepted and deeply loved by the Creator of the universe for a unique purpose and calling.
  • Stomach rolls and ripples don’t diminish our royal standing. We are granted access to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
  • Most days, we may feel like a hot mess and far from holy. But because of the spilled blood at the Cross, we are cleansed and freed from the bondage of sin and death.
  • We are special no matter our measurements or number on the scale. Our Heavenly Father treasures and adores us.

God’s Word illuminates the path between the uncertainty of earthly worth and the certainty of eternal value. It is the light that leads us out of the darkness of our insecurities and silences the enemy’s lies.

Though we stumble and meltdown in fitting rooms, ‘but you’ delivers a message of love, acceptance, and hope. It reminds us who we are. We are worthy because our Heavenly Father says so. 

On our next shopping adventure, let’s not settle for socks. Clothed in God’s Truth, we can step boldly into fitting rooms wrapped in His love, mercy, and grace. Our weight doesn’t determine our worth.

We are precious in His sight. We are chosen, royal, holy, and special.

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