Krista Lynn Campbell

Outside Looking In

He stood outside and watched plates filled with chicken, rice, and fruit circle the room. But he wasn’t alone. Sad faces with hungry eyes crowded around windows while children inside gobbled food.

Several years ago, I met this young boy in Tanzania while traveling with Compassion International. To convey as much love as possible, I reached through the bars and squeezed his little hands. The room buzzed with activity but the children on the outside just watched and waited. 

The Compassion leader reminded our group that there are always more children.

More children on the outside looking in. More children longing for a warm smile, loving hug, and a full belly. More children desiring a life free from poverty. More children in need of sponsorship; more children looking for hope.

The three children pictured below are on the outside looking in. They need hope. They need sponsors. They need you. Please consider giving Jusan, Alfes, or Sourov  hope.

Then, one less child will be on the outside looking in.

 Give hope to Jusan in Bangladesh at:



Give hope to Alfes in East Indonesia at:



Give hope to Sourov in Bangladesh at:



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