Krista Lynn Campbell

Our Maker Can Handle Our Messes

A late night phone call delivered hard news. My mind struggled to keep up as lies unraveled and truth emerged. A family member’s betrayal left me feeling foolish, blindsided, and beyond angry. Years of deception collapsed into a big, complicated mess. 

Memories of family beach vacations, holiday celebrations, and dinners around my dining room table appeared tainted and fraudulent. Well-meaning friends offered awkward silence or unsolicited advice. Both felt like salt in my wounded heart. 

In the months following the difficult phone call, I tried to erase reminders and remove evidence of the person from my life. I purged photos from albums and tossed once-beloved gifts. In precious family pictures, scissors extracted what my heart couldn’t. 

In the dark corners of my soul, I envisioned the disheveled family member at my door groveling for forgiveness. But when no apology arrived and no remorse was expressed, the silence invited anger and bitterness into my heart. The deep pit of depression crept closer. 

My life was a mess and I needed help. 

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