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pausing to praise

That little guy is my grandson. Out of the blue, during our adventures, he lies down. Wherever we are, no matter the destination, he pauses. On the ground, hands behind his head, he extends an invitation.

Come, Nana.

Ignoring old bones, Nana lies down next to him and we talk to Jesus.

Thank you, Jesus, for blue sky and puffy clouds. Thank you for warm sunshine and singing birds. Jesus, thank you for this day.

Pausing to praise with a three-year-old identifies Creation’s beauty, large and small. Thank you for green trees and pinecones. Thank you for squirrels, daffodils, and sticks. Hickory nuts, ordinary stones, and brown leaves are declared ‘beautiful’ through his young eyes.

Closures, shortages, and a virus are nonexistent in his world. He doesn’t consider,  ‘I just washed these pants.’, ‘The ground is too wet.’, or ‘What will the neighbors think?’

He pauses and invites me to join.

Together, we praise.

The ground level view reconnects me to my big God. A mighty God who set the moon and stars in place, painted stripes on zebras, and breathed life from dust.

Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, or with the breadth of his hand marked off the heavens? Who has held the dust of the earth in a basket, or weighed the mountains on the scales and the hills in a balance? Isaiah 40:12 (NIV)

Getting low and looking up, God’s handiwork envelops me. Surrounded by all He created, praise generates peace over panic; faith over fear. God is still in control.

During the challenging weeks and months ahead, let’s pause to praise in long lines, outdoor walks, and in-home isolation. Pause and breathe in blessings of beauty.

Lie down and look up; let the neighbors talk. Gaze into God’s goodness; worship in awe and wonder.

Pause to praise. Share in the comments your praise to our mighty God.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10 (NIV)

Coming Up: Pausing to praise with children throughout Kenya and Tanzania.




4 thoughts on “pausing to praise”

  1. Despite all that is happening God is good! Always! I thank him for his daily blessings. For all that he has created.

  2. Thanks for this, Krista! “I praise you God for the warmth of the sun today; for the tulips and hyacinth adding joy to our little plot of land in front of our townhouse; for neighbors conversing 6 feet apart; for your word that calms my fears; for encouragers like Krista!”

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