Krista Lynn Campbell

Angels of God

With sanitized hands and shoes removed, I slipped on borrowed footwear before passing through the door labeled: Angels of God.

A children’s center, on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, cares for and houses orphans, newborn to teenage. Several couches, floor mattress, and baby swing filled the living room area. Infants Veronica, Jaydon, and James enjoyed feedings while staff offered introductions. 

Drawn to a young girl on the rug, I sat down beside Becky, a nine-year-old with hydrocephalus. She scooted as close as possible and never left my side. 

For 90 minutes, Becky and I connected. We held hands and attempted clapping. I touched her head and patted her legs. We played with a toy together. I opened doors to reveal a hidden animal and Becky closed them.

On a bright Saturday morning, she looked lovely in a purple shirt and dinosaur leggings. Non verbal, Becky continually moved her hands and occasionally hit her forehead. If I changed positions on the floor, my silent sweetheart adjusted too.

I whispered encouragement and believed Becky understood every word. When the staff shared how well she was doing and how they hoped she would walk one day, I gushed over Becky like a proud momma.

Another Angel of God snored loudly on the couch, when I first entered the room. Baracka was abandoned by the river but rescued before crocodiles arrived. Thin and weak, he suffered from cerebral palsy.

In his short life, the eight-year-old endured many operations. Kneeling in front of him, I gazed into bright, saucer-size eyes. Kissing his forehead and holding his hand, words of God’s great love and plans for his future flowed from me to him.

Prior to this visit, maternal instincts envisioned a room of padded rocking chairs for rocking babies. With a bottle in one hand and a baby bouncing on my knee, giggles filled the air as we played peek-a-boo.

But God had better plans. He provided an opportunity to love on those with special needs. Precious children forgotten and abandoned by families.

Feeling inadequate, I struggled to know what to say or how to connect. Humbly I offered all I had: loving words and gentle touches. Becky and Baracka blessed me in return. In their silence, love passed between our hands and hearts.

On the floor of a Kenyan children’s center, God invited me to spend time with those who have a special place in His Heart. What a privilege to sit on holy ground in the presence of His Angels, Becky and Baracka.

Angels descending, bring from above, echoes of mercy, whispers of love. ~ Fanny Crosby


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