Krista Lynn Campbell

A Gift for Empty Hands

Pointing at the empty plastic water bottle in my hands, the little girl spoke rapid Swahili. Smiling and apologizing with unfamiliar words to her little ears, I assured she didn’t want an empty bottle. But pointing persisted as frustration levels increased.

She followed as I searched for a translator. A kind woman explained the child did indeed want the empty bottle. My trash became her treasure as I placed it in her hands and watched her run to join the other children. 

A toy? For household use? Not sure.

But she valued my trash as a precious treasure.

If an empty water bottle created so much joy, imagine what a true gift could mean to a child who has never received one. For millions of children around the world, Christmas is just another day and there isn’t much joy to be found.

This Christmas you can give a gift to empty hands for only $25.00. Start a family tradition, involve children and grandchildren, locate the 25 countries where Compassion International serves, and bless a child with a gift. 

Give a gift for empty hands.

Help children all over the world enjoy a Merry Christmas. From Mexico (Feliz Navidad) to Brazil (Feliz Natal) and throughout Tanzania (Krismasi ya kushangilia).

Let a child know they are worth so much more than an empty water bottle.

“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!”

2 Cor. 9:15 (NIV)

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