Krista Lynn Campbell

yes to Mercy

The unknown number went to voicemail. Compassion International’s call delivered bittersweet news. The young man I correspond with in El Salvador was graduating. Wilmer, 16, completed all the available programs at his project and our time together was ending.

Wilmer’s long informative letters with beautiful drawings brightened my day. When he won a drawing contest at his school and accepted Jesus as his Savior, we rejoiced. That’s what family does. 

Saddened by a second farewell in two months (Chisomo last month), I returned Compassion’s phone call. A polite employee asked if I wanted to correspond with another child.

I paused. 

How could I spend extra time? 

Selfish thoughts from selfish me impregnated the pause. More time for Netflix binging, Facebook stalking, and Amazon shopping. One less letter to write, one less child to pray over, and one less picture to hang in my house.

Thankfully, God knew my schedule and my heart. He allowed selfless words to spill into the phone. If a child needs a friend and encouragement, I will write and love. Country, gender, and age do not matter. Yes, please send me another correspondent. 

 “He must become greater; I must become less.” John 3:30 (NIV) Less of me and more of God made room for Mercy. 

Meet Mercy. A precious, little girl from Uganda. Not long after ‘yes’, this precious addition arrived. 


What an honor and blessing to be in her life! Anxious to know Mercy, I responded quickly. I wrote of her beauty, uniqueness, and Jesus’ love. I gathered butterfly and flower stickers to send. 

I paused. 

Bowing my head, I thanked God for one more child to write, one more child to pray over, and one more picture to hang. 

Selfish me nearly missed this opportunity; I almost missed Mercy.

Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. Luke 6:36 (NIV)


Throughout 2019, I’ll share stories inspired by children.

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April 2019: The children of Karatu brought Love close.

March 2019: Celebrate the highs and help carry the lows. But be present for both.

February 2019: Pray so others will know Jesus like Rosmeiry’s father.

January 2019:  Joy, thanks to a handsome charro.

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