Krista Lynn Campbell

double heartbreak

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.   ~A.A. Milne 

One email. Double heartbreak.

A request to visit our sponsored child, Chisomo, in Malawi was denied (heart break #1). After assisting his community for ten-plus years, World Vision completed their work and needed to assist another area. This meant our sponsorship of Chisomo was ending too (heartbreak # 2).    

Double ouch. 

Now instead of booking airplane flights, we channeled time, energy, and love into a farewell letter.

Why does saying farewell to someone we’ve never met hurt so deeply?

Eight years ago, Chisomo fell into our lives. I discovered his picture and packet on my chair at a concert and connected with his dark eyes. After a quick call to my husband, Chisomo joined our family. 

Over the years, Chisomo shared his dream of becoming a doctor and returning to serve those in need in his community. Occasional letters offered few details. He spoke Chitumbuka, enjoyed math, played football (soccer), and tended goats.

Unknowns linger: Will he remain healthy and safe? Will he love Jesus? Will he marry and become a father one day?

With only 950 characters allowed on the template, we filled the white space with farewell words of hope, encouragement, and love to Chisomo and his family.

 “It has been our privilege and we have been blessed to be a part of your life for 8 years. Through your pictures and letters, we have come to know you and watched you grow into a fine young man. Please know that even though letters will stop, our prayers for you and your family will continue. We pray you continue to study hard and walk close with Jesus. We pray you will fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor and serve the people of your community. You will continue to be a part of our family. Please know we love you very much and we are very proud of you. Chisomo, you will always have a place in our hearts.”  

Though we won’t meet this precious young man in Malawi, perhaps we will connect with Dr. Chisomo in Heaven where no heartbreak exists. 

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. ~ Philippians 1:6 (NIV)

Throughout 2019, I’ll share stories inspired by children.

August 2019: Farewell, Chisomo. Thank you for the opportunity to love. 

July 2019: Be brave like Samuel, the man of the house. 

June 2019: Reach for the stars like Goodluck, the pilot.

May 2019: A gold medal day spent with Ledy.

April 2019: The children of Karatu brought Love close.

March 2019: Celebrate the highs and help carry the lows. But be present for both.

February 2019: Pray so others will know Jesus like Rosmeiry’s father.

January 2019:  Joy, thanks to a handsome charro. 

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