Krista Lynn Campbell

man of the house

Samuel’s black jacket hung loose on his thin frame. At his Compassion project in Tanzania, he demonstrated his proficiency at welding, woodworking, and sewing. Following the tour of the facilities, we drove part way, then walked a short distance to this young man’s home. 

Samuel was of the Maasai tribe and the man of the house. His parents died when he was young and now he shared a mud-dung hut with his ill grandmother. Samuel’s community was considered ‘modern’ Maasai because it was non-nomadic and close to a town.

Entering the home, my senses adjusted to the smoke-filled, darkness as I moved to the grandmother’s bedside. My guide invited me to pray as he translated. Opening my mouth, God allowed words to spill out. With the dear woman’s weathered hand in mine, I prayed God’s healing for her broken leg and infected eyes. 

Outside, I found Samuel next to his chicken coop, a source of additional income and food. Standing with him, the heaviness of reality filled the air. 

When his grandmother died, what would the future hold for Samuel? Would he be alone? What would become of Samuel?

I asked my guide to translate a message to this brave, young man as I placed my hand on his shoulder. God, once again, filled my empty mouth with words of blessing. Love, encouragement, and praises rolled off my tongue. I quoted God’s Promise to never leave him nor forsake him and reassured him it was OK to be scared. 

After a quick hug, it was time to leave. 

“Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” So we say with confidence,“The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” Hebrews 13: 5b,6 (NIV)

Samuel means “God has heard”. I trust Almighty God heard my prayers for this brave,  young man. He heard, He cares, and He loves the man of the house very much. 


Throughout 2019, I’ll share stories inspired by children.

July 2019: Be brave like Samuel, the man of the house. 

June 2019: Reach for the stars like Goodluck, the pilot.

May 2019: A gold medal day spent with Ledy.

April 2019: The children of Karatu brought Love close.

March 2019: Celebrate the highs and help carry the lows. But be present for both. 

February 2019: Pray so others will know Jesus like Rosmeiry’s father.

January 2019:  Joy, thanks to a handsome charro.      

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