Krista Lynn Campbell


The special delivery arrived on September 24th by Fed Ex. The driver muscled the pallet across the gravel driveway and into the garage. With scissors in hand, I sliced open small, medium, and large boxes to discover their contents. It was like Christmas morning.

Each box contained beautiful promises.

Pens, pencils, rulers, and notebooks declare promises of an education and a brighter future.

Wrapped bars of yellow soap, white washcloths, toothbrushes and toothpaste promise cleanliness and bright smiles.

Chunky pink erasers and plastic sharpeners guarantee promises of second chances and do-overs.

Boxes of crayons offer promises of childhood pleasures and pauses to create.

A treated blanket promises a warm night’s sleep and  a barrier against malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

With the help of friends, the promises are gathered into backpacks called Promises Packs.

The final promise tucked inside: decorated and signed note cards. Written promises of love and hope. Reminders to each child of their God-given potential. 

Huddled around stacked boxes, prayers spoken for the Promise Packs before their long journey to eastern Africa and into the hands of children.

When they look inside, may they discover the power and encouragement to unlock every promise.

 “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” ~ Ronald Reagan










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