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more than a story

Enormous sets of boats, towns, and landscapes changed before my eyes. Trained sheep, goats, and pigs entered and exited on cue without accidents. With a Mr. Sticky cinnamon bun and a padded chair, I settled in to experience the live stage performance of ‘JESUS’.

For two hours, actors sang and performed as Jesus healed the blind, walked on water, fed the multitudes, raised Lazarus, faced crucifixion, and rose from the grave. Miracle upon miracle. The life and love of Jesus woven into a beautiful story.

Later in the day, I received a disheartening message from a dear friend battling cancer. With some recent setbacks, she described her situation as a ‘win-win’. If God heals her, she’s blessed with more time with loved ones (win). If God takes her Home, she meets Jesus face to face and is reunited with loved ones (win).

She added, “I am at peace.”

My friend lives where Jesus must be more than a story. The flannel graph, feel-good Sunday School Jesus graduated to Everlasting Father, the Resurrection and Life, and Prince of Peace.

Everything to me, He’s more than a story
More than words on a page of history.
~ Avalon, “More Than a Story”

To speak of peace when faced with your Home-going means Jesus matured into more than a warm and fuzzy story. He doesn’t just live on the pages of the Holy Book, but in our hearts as well. He is more than a story, more than a musical stage performance with live animals.

He’s our everything.

He’s the air in our lungs and the water we thirst for. Jesus is real, everyday, moment by moment. Hand in hand, we cling to His eternal Promises. Jesus left behind an empty manger, cross, and grave to prepare our forever Home. There’s no time to waste for me, my friend, and everyone walking this fallen earth. Jesus must be more than a story.

And looking back over my life
At the end, I’ll go to meet Him
Saying he’s been Everything to me
He’s more than a story
More than words on a page of history

~ Avalon, “More Than a Story”

The theater advertised ‘JESUS’ as “the musical stage adventure about the most famous person ever to walk the earth and the everyday people whose lives he changed forever.”

My friend is an everyday person whose life He changed forever. Changed and at peace because her Jesus is more than a story.

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  1. Thank you for your encouragement, Krista!! A relationship with Jesus is definitely a win/win on the hard days, good days and for all of eternity. Thankful for your heart and this friend who continues to amaze and inspire and is a testimony of beautiful faith!!

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