Krista Lynn Campbell

closed doors

The wind is moving, but I am standing still. A life of pages waiting to be filled. A heart that’s hopeful, a head that’s full of dreams, but this becoming is harder than it seems. ~Michael W. Smith, “Place in this World”

Michael W. Smith’s song captured my heartache as I searched for meaning and purpose. With a head full of dreams, I was a book of empty pages waiting to be filled.

Where, Lord? Where’s my place? Where do I belong? I desired more from life; more beyond my four suburban walls. With millions down on their knees, I wondered if God heard me. Desperate to make a difference, I googled short-term serving opportunities.

Through my cries and prayers, God landed me in Africa. Thankful for direction, I investigated Christian organizations serving throughout the vast continent. An application to work with an agency in Uganda was rejected. Heartbroken, I rebounded and contacted an organization working in Malawi but no short-term serving opportunities were available.

Two doors slammed shut; both caused pain and doubts. Maybe I heard wrong. Maybe this was just a mid-life crisis. Maybe I was crazy. 

Frustrated but determined, I discovered Compassion International’s website; a child-advocacy ministry serving those in poverty around the world including eight countries in Africa. I clicked a button and sponsored a little girl from Tanzania. Nine months later, I held her in my arms during my first visit. While in Tanzania, I met and sponsored a young man also.

Returning home, a fire was lit. I signed up to be a Compassion Advocate and began volunteering at events. The years that followed took me back to Tanzania and added three beautiful children to my sponsorship family.

Releasing children from poverty is my place in life. God closed doors but used Compassion to lead me to the only door that mattered: helping children in need.

Next month I have the opportunity to serve with Compassion at a Michael W. Smith concert. As I place packets in sponsors’ hands and make a difference in children’s lives, I hope I hear Michael W. Smith sing, “Place in this World”. God’s guiding light lead me to my place in this world and He used closed doors.

I need Your light to help me find, My place in this world, My place in this world. ~ Michael W. Smith, “Place in this World”


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