Krista Lynn Campbell

parking lot praises

Lies and betrayal replaced bedtime prayers as my precious ballerina daughter transformed into a rebellious stranger. Throughout high school she tested home rules, but college life offered additional freedoms too hard to resist. Following graduation, she moved in with her boyfriend and walked the path of a prodigal.

As she turned away from me and God, my heart shattered. I blamed myself and questioned my abilities as a Christian mother. Guilt, shame, and depression enveloped me. I cried and begged God for answers. Through the silence, I prayed.

I prayed like my daughter’s life depended on it because I believed it did. As Satan spoke lies into her life, I prayed truths. I inserted my daughter’s name into forty scriptures and prayed forty truths. Over and over, for four years.

Dear Lord, I pray my daughter will trust in You with all her heart and not depend on her own understanding. Guide her in seeking Your will in all she does, and show her which path to take. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

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4 thoughts on “parking lot praises”

  1. Hi Krista, Would you be able to share the list of scriptures that you prayed through? Thank you for your words. They were an encouragement to me.

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