Krista Lynn Campbell

21 seconds

He spoke for 21 seconds and I hung on every word. I replayed the video clip again. His dark eyes locked with mine; his voice just above a whisper. My favorite part came at the end with a wave. I loved this young man even though I understood not a single word he said.

Captivated and enthralled by each non-understandable word, like a new parent deciphering coos and babbles from a newborn. Undeniable and unexplainable love.

I have sponsored Chisomo through World Vision for seven years. Progress reports, letters, and pictures fill a notebook. Visual reminders of Chisomo’s growth from a young boy into a young man. Hearing his voice brought him to life, made him more real. The two-dimensional boy I knew on paper transformed into talking and waving Chisomo.

Chisomo spoke in Chingoni, his native language. My heart, 12,000 miles away, translated. I heard he is well and enjoys playing football (soccer) with his two younger brothers. He shared his school progress and his goal to become a doctor. Chisomo ended with love and appreciation. Wonderful and kind words spoken. That’s what my heart heard in the precious 21 seconds.

My heart heard hope.

Hope realized through education and safe water. Hope-filled dreams to carry him into his big future. Hope found through prayer and the promises of a faithful God.

Chisomo spoke from his heart to mine and that is all I really need to know. For 21 seconds, my heart spoke his language and hope spoke loud and clear.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.~Helen Keller


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