Krista Lynn Campbell

beauty remains

I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains. ~ Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

We  unwrapped the fragile ocean jewel and placed it in front of him. A delicate sand dollar with five tiny doves hidden inside. Our sponsored child, Angel, wrote of his dream to visit the ocean so we carried the beauty of the ocean to him.

As we presented our gifts to Angel,  we witnessed pure joy. In this age of beeping gadgets, simple pleasures widened his eyes and broadened his smile. Beauty is found in the eyes of the beholder and Angel’s eyes found beauty in everything. Our time together felt like Christmas morning filled with wonder and amazement.

With a small air pump used to inflate his soccer ball, he blew air at our faces. Giggles erupted. Pleased with those results, he shot a blast of air into an empty candy wrapper and squealed as it sailed through the air.

We blew bubbles together. When my husband captured one on the wand, Angel studied it as a true wonder of life. A shimmering delicacy. Then he popped it and a chain reaction of laughter began.

For six hours, we experienced the beauty of life through Angel’s eyes. Fun and new; bright and hopeful. Then Angel turned toward the sound of children running and kicking a ball. Our trinkets and treasures provided amusement. But we couldn’t give him what those children had: use of his legs. The moment passed. His smile returned; his resiliency rebounded. Angel, you are our hero.

One glorious day it will be different. With Jesus as his Forever Friend, Angel will walk, run, hop, skip, and jump around Heaven. No handicaps or limitations. No wheelchair; nothing to hold him back. When Angel takes his first step, it will be the most beautiful sight indeed.

How weary we grow of our present bodies. That is why we look forward eagerly to the day when we shall have heavenly bodies that we shall put on like new clothes. 2 Corinthians 5:2 (TLB)

Angel taught us to enjoy life’s simple pleasures: seashells, air pumps, and bubbles. Through his eyes, he reminded us to see beauty not misery.

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