Krista Lynn Campbell

I didn’t know

Dear God,

I didn’t know the new boy in my eighth grade science class was someone very special.

I didn’t know IMG_9732 in tenth grade he would become more interesting to me.

I didn’t know our separate college years would deepen our bond.

I didn’t know there was a ring hidden in the drawer one December night.

I didn’t know a wedding could be planned in six weeks.

I didn’t know our first married year apart would strengthen our marriage.

I didn’t know 2 amazing blessings would result in this union.

I didn’t know loved ones would be gone too soon.

I didn’t know the tough challenges we would walk through.

I didn’t know family and friends would be such valued treasures.

I didn’t know daughters could also be dear friends.

I didn’t know the adventures ahead of us.

I didn’t know 2 wonderful sons would join our family.

I didn’t know we would be blessed to be involved in children’s lives around the world.

I didn’t know the path we would walk.

I didn’t know I would say ‘I do’ 33 years ago today.

But You did.

I say thank you with all that I am.


10 thoughts on “I didn’t know”

  1. Your record of lives made meaningful by your beautiful love for each other, for your daughters and their life partners gives joy and gratitude.

  2. What truly beautiful , heart and soul felt truth to share with your family and awesome tribute to life . God has moved you to the depths of your soul and you shared this with many ! Thank You so much for doing so! You are a special person and God is definitely using you and your family! May God’s Blessings rain down upon you always!

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