Krista Lynn Campbell

just a touch

She knew it would only take a touch, just a quick one. She was determined and she was desperate. Who wouldn’t be desperate? Enduring a bleeding disease for 12 long years would test my patience and my sanity.

How do you describe the feeling of  ‘beyond hopeless’? What does life look like when you are standing on the brink of complete despair?  Shyam Balami lost his house in Nuwakot, a village at the foothills of the Himalayas, during the ‘Great Quake’ in Nepal on April 25, 2015. Shyam thought he had nothing left to lose. But he was wrong. A powerful aftershock, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake on May 12, 2015, struck and destroyed the temporary shack he had built out of salvaged materials to provide some sort of basic shelter for his wife and two children. It collapsed around him, shattering his right leg. “I don’t feel scared any more. I have nothing left to lose.”

Maybe that was the bleeding woman’s mindset too. “I am not scared because I have nothing left to lose.” So she waited.  The rumor was that Jesus was coming this direction. He healed people and she needed healing. Just a touch. Undaunted, she pushed and shoved her way through the male-dominated crowd. The nasty, degrading remarks didn’t faze her.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The crowd noise began to crescendo. He was here! But she quickly lost sight of Jesus as He was swallowed up by the swarm. Everyone wanted something from Him; her included. A look, a word, or a touch.

She was on a healing mission and she would not be denied. So she maneuvered her way towards Him; straining, stretching, and struggling. Three steps forward; five steps backward. She reminded herself, “I have nothing left to lose.” Low on energy due to her condition, she fought her way into the mass of humanity. Just a touch. “I don’t need to touch Him. Just a brief touch of His clothing will do. Quickly and no one will notice.”

But He noticed. Jesus knew the instant she touched His clothing. Her game plan didn’t include getting caught or being noticed or getting called out by Jesus. But I doubt that she cared because she had been healed! Instantaneously and miraculously. She experienced a feeling that she hadn’t felt for 12 long and agonizing years: wholeness.  Falling at His feet, she confessed. “It was me.” And Jesus was very pleased. “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace.”

She was healed and she was praised in front of those who had treated her as a sickly nobody.  Her simple but brave faith was recognized before the crowd by none other than the King of Kings. I imagine her feet never touched the ground on her way home following this Holy encounter.

Don’t all of us just need a daily touch from Jesus? I know I do. Some days it is a touch for physical healing. Some days it is a touch for mental peace. “Calm me down, Lord.” Many days my marriage needs a touch. Other days, my finances or my family. Many parts of me needing many touches from Him.

Some days are answered with His gentle healing touch. Other days, He leans in and whispers, “My grace is sufficient for you, Krista. For My power is made perfect in weakness.” Now go in peace, my beloved daughter.

Let’s Walk Worthy!

Photo credit: Mural from Encounter Church


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