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The gradual warming temperatures are ushering in signs of spring. Yay!

daffodil2The crocuses and snow drops force their way up through the remaining snow.  What brave little flowers delivering big doses of hope to all of us!

The stately daffodils are the trumpets in the springtime flower orchestra. They arrive early blasting the news for all to hear: Spring is here!

The song birds have returned to sing and entertain us with their nest-building flitting about  busyness. Signs of spring are everywhere for us to enjoy and remind us to say  “thank you” to our Creator.

But the surrounding landscape is dotted with other signs too. You see them at the post office, schools and all major intersections. Wherever vehicle and people traffic is heavy; the signs are present. They seem to be reproducing and increasing overnight; more and more of them “blocking out the scenery and breaking my mind.”

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’  my mind

Do this, don’t do that, cant you read the sign? ~ Five Man Electrical Band, 1971

Political signs. It is election time on the local, state, and national levels. All coming at us like a freight train; ready or not. For a sanity break this morning, I watched several Saturday Night Live’s spoofs of the Democratic and Republican parties’ debates  on YouTube. It felt good to belly laugh. I highly recommend it when the political sign madness overwhelms you.

The “Vote For” political signs are stuck in the ground everywhere showcasing the name of someone who desperately wants and needs your vote. Most are red, white and blue, to varying degrees, in color. That is the most patriotic and the safest color choice. But I did see a yellow sign today; the candidate’s last name was Lemon. Cool connection. Another clever sign for a school board member, spelled the candidate’s name in the windows of a school bus. Whatever gets your attention and ultimately your vote.

There are big signs, billboards too. Is bigger really better or just more obnoxious? Time will tell.

I also saw a large static sticker on the back window of the car in front of me today. It read,  “The government shouldn’t take my money and give it to you just because you are to lazy to work.” My advice: If you are going to express yourself in such a public way, please use proper grammar (too vs. to). Just my pet peeve.

imageSo I will attempt to look beyond and through the signs of our world to the signs of His Creation. I will let my eyes settle on the beauty of the cardinals and the bluebirds and their feathered friends.

I will enjoy the forsythia bushes flaunting their yellow arms and the softness of the pussy willows. Throw in some SNL spoofs and we just might survive this election season of signs.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign!


imageLet’s Walk Worthy!





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