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hello gorgeous

“Hello Gorgeous” rang out as we entered the consignment store. All shoppers are greeted with this loving affirmation.

“Hello Gorgeous”. Who me? Wow, this is fun! We laughed and seriously considered exiting and re-entering just to be greeted again and hear those kind words. Yes, tell me again, please!

Five quality women. We consider ourselves quality women: strong, college educated, and God-lovers. We have each traveled some tough life-roads but are still standing. We are nuts; the solid and tough type. We have walked through divorces and remarriages; childbirth and grandparenthood; surgeries and menopause; sudden deaths of parents and slow, agonizing ones.


The switch has flipped. We are now the caregivers to those who raised us even when they can’t remember our names. We worked through selling our childhood homes and making lots of big-girl decisions in our big-girl panties beneath our comfy sweatpants.

This weekend gathering was time to reminisce and gossip and belly-laugh. We shared an apartment in college where tons of memories were made. It was a hilarious time. In the midst of classes and craziness, we forged lasting friendships. Iron sharpening iron.

Today, we slip and slide seamlessly from one conversation to the next. Rabbit trails on steroids. “Whatever happened to so and so? Remember when there was a goat in the room?”  Looking back and catching up and laughing all day. We fill our day with memories, chocolate, bakeries, good wine and Pringles. All good stuff.

We don’t filter our thoughts like we used to when we are around family or in public. We don’t have the patience for faking nice. Most comments just fly out and that is OK; especially on the subject of men, politics and incompetent co-workers. image

A day of laughing and feeling a little bit younger again comes to an end. Heaps of hugs. My soul  is refreshed. Remembering when and looking gorgeous!


Let’s Walk Worthy!





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