Krista Lynn Campbell

Sea Shells

Walking the beach, I scan for the most perfect sea shells to take home with me. What a fun surprise to find a whole, unbroken sea shell!  I seek those without chips, holes or imperfections. I want the pretty ones, the whole ones. I am on a mission. Crunch, crunch as my feet walk across the shells I deem too small or too damaged or too ordinary.



Most of these sea shells have traveled a rough and bumpy journey to land at my feet.


They were once the calcium carbonate  homes of many different types of mollusks. But when the mollusk dies,  the home is left vacant to be tossed about in the rough currents and slamming waves. In their journey to the shoreline, they get beat up. They break and crack. They lose their perfection. They lose their beauty.

So I keep walking, right past them. Goal in mind: perfect and whole sea shells. Those that are worthy to go into my pocket.

As I wash up on shore, bruised and beaten-up by life, I am very thankful the Beachcomber doesn’t keep walking past me.  There I lay, for all the world to see with my chips and gaping holes. But the Beachcomber doesn’t see me as too small or too ordinary or too broken. He sees me as beautiful and worthy. Worthy enough to go home with Him and be displayed as one of His magnificent creations.

So the Beachcomber stops. He bends down, brushes off the loose sand and takes me lovingly into His Hands. Turning me over and over in His hand, He recognizes me as one of His. He looks past my imperfections and sees the whole me. He gently tells me,

There you are. Look at you! You are so lovely! I know you have been tossed about in the waves of life, but now you are safe. I am taking you home with Me. You are my prized treasure. You are perfect exactly as you are. You belong to Me.

I slide down into His deep, safe pocket. But I realize I am not alone! I am one of many damaged ones rescued by the Beachcomber. I am surrounded by shattered and smashed. I see crushed and defeated. But the Beachcomber sees beauty and completeness. So He keeps walking, gathering, loving and restoring.

Deuteronomy 7:6, I am His treasured possession.

Psalm 139:14, I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

We are His valued treasures, the Beachcomber says so.

Let’s Walk Worthy!


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