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Judah, was the fourth of twelve sons of patriarch, Jacob (whom God renamed, Israel). This huge testosterone-driven family becomes the nation of Israel. The lineage of Jesus follows through Judah. Revelation 5:5 describes Jesus Christ as the lion of the tribe of Judah.

In Genesis, we can follow Judah through his highs and his many very-deep lows. Years later, the descendants of Judah make up the tribe of Judah. The book of Numbers begins with a census and with only counting the males, 20 years or older who are able to serve in the army,  the tribe of Judah is listed at 74,600 strong. That makes Judah the largest tribe.

From time to time, this army/nation needs to move.  A total of able-body men from all 12 tribes capable of serving  in Israel’s army is 603,550. Add-on women and children and that’s a lot of humanity to move.  One estimate puts the grand total at 2 million men, women and children.  According to the 2010 US Census, that would equal the city of Houston, Texas picking up and moving. I can’t comprehend that.

Where to start and how to begin? Who goes first? Who should be last? There are no moving vans, bulging cardboard boxes or friends to help. God’s people are on the move and He tells them exactly how to accomplish it.

One fascinating characteristic of God that I admire is His sense of order. I see it in Genesis with Creation and in the magnificent construction of the Tabernacle and  woven all throughout His Word.  With all that God has on His Mind, He still cares about order. With how whiney and rebellious the Israelites have been so far on their journey, God could have turned His Back and said, “Figure it out yourselves!” But He didn’t. God was (and still is) into the details.

I love order too. I just seem to constantly be chasing after it and I am never able to fully capture it.  I want everything to be “in order”,  but it is just seems out of my reach. Someday, perhaps.

God steps in and gives His people His moving instructions. He shares explicit detailed instructions concerning the movement of His nation. It would take order and a plan and God has details for both.

12TribesEncampmentThe nation of Israel’s 12 tribes are arranged around the Tabernacle  according to God’s directions. When it was time to break camp and move; it was to be done in a very orderly fashion. No confusion, disorder or panic.

The tribe of Judah was camped at the East side of the Tabernacle toward the sunrise.  In Hebrew, Judah means Praise.

Judah (Praise) broke camp first, moved first. Praise leads! Praise goes first!

Yes, of course, Praise leads! Praise should always lead. Before I start my day, before I break camp, Praise! Before my lists and desires and wants; start with Praise! Before me, Him!

Lead with Praise! Always! He alone is worthy of all my Praise!

I will give, you all my Worship

I will give, you all my Praise

You alone, I long to Worship

You alone, are worthy of my Praise     (Jeremy Camp)

See how God is into the details! I love it!

Let’s Walk Worthy and Lead with Praise!

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  1. I love that God is always in the details. I just need to slow down a little. Moving at 60mph you miss things. I need to get to a 20mph pace. 🙂

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