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flickIt was definitely a dare. Not as traumatic as Flick’s triple-dog-dare involving his tongue and a frigid flag pole in the memorable scene from the classic Christmas movie, The Christmas Story. But I made into a serious self-dare.

If an author lists his phone number at the end of his book and invites anyone to call at anytime, that’s a dare. Double-dog-dare ya.

Or perhaps it is just crazy or perhaps it is just Bob Goff-like. IMG_5841

At the end of Bob Goff’s New York best-selling book, Love Does, he lists his home phone number. Hmmm. I wonder if he really answers his phone?? Or does the call go straight to his voice mail or does a secretary answer?  I wonder. Only one way to find out.

Triple-dog-dare ya.

So I did what hundreds (maybe thousands) of other people have done.  I picked up the phone and called Bob in San Diego.

I called and Bob answered. (Wow, he really is accessible!)  Ok, he answered. Now what?  I have Bob Goff on the phone and I am trying to move beyond  gushing over his accessibility and get to my reason for calling. (I didn’t tell him it was a self-dare, although I imagine he would have chuckled.)  He’s a cool, fun guy so I knew this brief phone call was going to be interesting.

It wasn’t an interview, because Bob doesn’t do interviews. He was patient and kind enough to spend a few phone minutes with me.

Since my website is called, “Walk Worthy of Your Calling”. I decided to pick Bob’s brain about what he thinks keeps people from walking toward their calling.


Bob went on to explain that the fears could be legit or unfounded. He used the example of growing up in an area inhabited with rattlesnakes. As a child,  he was told to stay on the path and watch out for rattlesnakes. Stepping on a rattlesnake is a legit fear. That is real; scary real.

Unfounded fears are what we allow ourselves to be talked into. Maybe CNN has made us fearful. Maybe an angry person has spoken lies into our lives for so long  we have begun to believe the falsehoods. These fears keep us in our safe places like our beds and couches. They paralyze us. But we aren’t born fearful, we learn to be fearful.

Bob’s advice…

 Check the return address. Check to see whom the message is from.  If the return address label says Jesus, then receive the message and trust. If not, don’t give it any air time.

I thanked Bob and then thanked him again and again and finally hung up.

I was proud of myself for following through on my triple-dog-self-dare. But what about my fears? What is preventing me from walking 100% worthy of my calling? Are my fears legit or unfounded? Are there rattlesnakes lurking near my path?

My dare to you (and myself) is to check those return addresses with each and every message playing through in your mind. Who sent them? Do they deserve any air time? Look for those Jesus return address labels. They are true and trustworthy.

Love Does. Fear Doesn’t.

Thanks, Bob!

Let’s Walk Worthy!

Photo credit: The Christmas Story

4 thoughts on “Double-Dog-Dare”

  1. Wow! Respect for being brave enough to call his number and even more so for asking him such a good question. I really enjoyed that book and the truths in it. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with Bob for a day. Thanks for sharing this. What a cool little story with a great challenge!

  2. Kathy Jo Camacho

    OMG! I can’t believe you called! And I can’t believe he picked up ! And how crazy is that with such a fantastic question!! You are amazing! That is cool!!! I have often thought to call the number in the book and as too “afraid” to call! OMG! You are just teaching how to walk out there! Thank you!

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