Krista Lynn Campbell


The view took my breath away. My next-to-be breath caught in my throat and just lingered for a nanno-second. But then my involuntary actions took over and my breath released.  Inhale-exhale.  It was so stunning; it made me gasp.


My finite mind can’t explain all the how’s and when’s associated with the making of the Grand Canyon but that didn’t hinder me from enjoying  the beauty formed by the Creator. I just sat and  reveled in its exquisiteness.

My husband and I found a secluded and safe spot to sit and dangle our feet. It was peaceful and perfect. We enjoyed some peanuts and chocolate bars and great conversation. It was an impressive arena to snack and share and reminisce about other God-gasping moments.

Two other times came to my mind as I gazed across the enchanting vastness. Two other experiences had left me in a similar state of awe and wonder; awaiting for my next breath to release from my lungs. I knew I was blessed to be a part of something so special yet my finite mind failed me again with trying to explain the wonder and magnitude of it all.

Those two times were the births of my two daughters.

All of Creation is of God and by God. He is the Master of Creating. He allowed my husband and me to experience two of His most precious Creations. (OK, definately more me doing the experiencing than my husband. Let’s be honest.)

When the two gifts were first placed in my arms, I was breathless. How was this posssible? What was inside was now outisde.  What was unseen was now seen. What was “this is crazy” was now “we love her so much”.

As newborns, our daughters were red and wrinkled but perfect in every way. It was another God-breathless moment. This was nothing my finite mind could process, so I just reveled in their adorableness and His Goodness. God’s Handiwork leaves me breathless.

What leaves you breathless?

Let’s Walk Worthy!




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