Krista Lynn Campbell

Snow Day

Jonas has arrived and my hubby is snowed in at work all weekend. I know I will need to bundle up and go out into the winter wonderland to shovel once Jonas exits. But while the  snow is still falling and blowing, I have time for some indoor snow day activities:

  1. clean my mouthguard (yucky)
  2. look through the Christmas cards I received and count my blessings
  3. say many prayers for the electricity to stay “on”
  4. clean out my messy purse
  5. find mates for all my gloves
  6. catch up on my emails
  7. write to my Compassion children and share about lots and lots of SNOW
  8. try a no-bake oatmeal cookie recipe
  9. get busy on some shutterfly projects
  10. relax and enjoy God’s beauty and creation


Let’s Walk Worthy and Be Safe!

2 thoughts on “Snow Day”

  1. Be warm and safe my friend. The snow is beautiful. And you are getting SO MUCH beauty. And I love the fact that you turn it into an opportunity to do all those “little” things that need to get done and always get put off. Enjoy the peacefulness the snow fall brings. Light a candle. Enjoy it all.

    1. Thanks, my friend. All is well. Lights and heat are on and our neighbor blessed us by using his snow blower! God is good!

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