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Pink Sisters

The headline warranted a second look,

“Pink Sisters mark 100 years of nonstop prayer, seek 100 more.”

All my  brain could muster was “Wow”.IMG_6501

Gotta read more.

100 years of nonstop prayer.  Did I read that right? 100 years?  Wow, again.

I am humbled and in awe of these amazing ladies, the Pink Sisters. Nonstop praying…

Not for 100 seconds (not quite 2 minutes)

Not for 100 minutes (not quite 2 hours)

Not for 100 hours ( a little more than 4 days)

Not for 100 days (from today until April 17)

Not for 100 weeks ( just over 2 years)

No, they have been storming His Throne nonstop for 100 years.

The Pink Sisters, named for their rose-colored habits, have prayed in shifts to ensure nonstop prayer in Philadelphia. According to the Associated Press article, the newspaper they receive does not include the entertainment or sports sections. So they are not praying for Hollywood or the NFL playoffs. Not insinuating that either need prayers, just saying. The national and international headlines must keep them very busy.

I am in awe of their commitment. To be that devoted to prayer. Puts me to shame.

An article in my devotional this week likened prayer to a drive-thru order.

“God, I’ll take a super-sized order of Your Blessings, with an order of All Things Going My Way, one large cup of Your Protection with no problems, toss in some packets of Guidance and Wisdom, and a very small order of Spiritual Growth on the side. Oh, please sprinkle in some forgiveness for all that stuff I did yesterday. Thanks.”

Drive thru; speed it up! The faster, the better. Just grab and go! And make sure the order is correct!  I hate when my order isn’t right.

Is this how I treat prayer? If this how I talk to God, the Creator of the Universe? Ouch! Why do my toes hurt?

J. C. Ryle (1816-1900) was a writer, evangelical preacher, and the first Anglican bishop of Liverpool and he got it right.

Let us never forget what a solemn thing it is to speak with God. Let us beware of rushing into His presence with carelessness and flippancy. Let us say to ourselves, “I am on Holy ground. This is none other than the gate of Heaven.”

J. C. Ryle

Prayer. It is not a drive-thru; but the gate of Heaven. I need to start praying like I understand the difference.

Let’s Walk Worthy!

Photo credit: Associated Press

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