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A Pretty Big But

What’s that? nemo
I know what that is. Sandy Plankton saw one. He called it… uh… he said it was called a “butt”.
That’s a pretty big butt. 



When you are driving alone for 8 hours, you have a lot of time to think and to listen to music. My CD player was locked and loaded.

Newsboys (my preference is “old” with Peter Furler), Abba ( 2 words: Dancing Queen), Fleetwood Mac (no explanation needed), Bee Gees (sometimes you just need to hear some falsetto), Downhere (can’t beat Marc Martel’s uncanny vocal resemble to Queen’s Freddie Mercury), and Sidewalk Prophets (recently saw them in concert).  On standby was ELO and Celine Dion. Eclectic mix but I stayed awake!

That is a pretty big BUT.  “I am the sweat from your brow, BUT You love me anyway.” A really gigantic BUT. There’s more…..


Everyday I screw up and everyday Jesus’ response is, “BUT I love you, Krista, anyway.” Did I already stain my 2016 clean slate?  Yes! Did I already allow unwholesome words to come out of my mouth (see previous post, “Build”)? Yes!  BUT He loves me anyway.

“I ( Krista) am the nail in your wrist, BUT You love me anyway.”  I caused Him pain, I betrayed Him,  and I nailed Him to the cross. His response? BUT He Loves me anyway!

That is a pretty  (insert all the synonyms for “big”) colossal, hefty, immense, huge, gigantic, mammoth, jumbo, oversize, whopping………..  BUT.

On this fresh, New Year, there is great Freedom and amazing Grace in knowing  when I  ____________________; But He loves me anyway.

It cost Jesus His life to be able to offer this to you and to me. This is serious. I am very grateful and deeply humbled by these words replaying in my head. I will keep hitting rewind.  I need to be reminded everyday of His Ultimate Sacrifice and the pretty big BUT.

Photo Credit: Disney’s, “Finding Nemo


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