Krista Lynn Campbell



Hit the pause button sometime today.

Between the ripping and tearing, between the selfies and awkward family photos, between the hugs and tears, between the heavy forks and extra helpings, between the hot chocolate and the hot, crazy weather,  between the arguments and “someone needs a nap”, between the re-gifting and the returning, between wishing it was all different and wishing it was all like it used to be.


Remember Whose birthday we celebrate today. Tell Him, “Happy Birthday”.  Or better yet, sing it!! IMG_6428


Reflect on how the manger led to the Cross. And He knew that and He still came.


Read Luke 2 and Luke 23. Don’t leave Jesus in the manger.



1 thought on “Pause”

  1. Merry Christmas my friend. It was a very hectic Christmas, and pauses here and there were so greatly appreciated. I need to get better at hitting the pause button.

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