Krista Lynn Campbell

Doing Double-Time

Double-time: to move in double time; a slow running pace; keeping in step.

I feel like I need to be doing life in “double-time”. If I could  high-step, double-time through my day, OH the things I would accomplish! thAFDFONF5 The clock is going faster and I am going slower. I wake with my never-ending  “to do” list spinning in my head. With every task accomplished and scratched through; two more are added. When I stop to get  a soda, my order response  is “the biggest one you’ve got”.

I am impatient with the traffic, the sales clerks, the long lines, and the rude people with their rude shopping carts. I am becoming the person that I find so annoying especially this time of the year.

I don’t want to be like “them”. I want to be different. I don’t want to be invisible to people; I don’t want people to be invisible to me either.  I don’t want to view people as interruptions. I think I heard  author Bob Goff’s voice in my head today. “They are not interruptions; they are people.” ( More on Bob later in the month.)

Today was slated to be just as busy as yesterday. New day but same ever-growing list.  There was no wiggle room. I knew where I needed to be and when I needed to be there.

But I had an interruption.

An interruption. That sounds heartless;  it was a real-live person. An elderly lady  I ran into while I was multi-tasking and she wanted to talk. Talk? Who has time to talk? “Stop and have a conversation” was not on my list! Shame on me.

She lost her husband this year. Married for 60 years.  She starts to open up. Thanksgiving was hard and she knows Christmas will be difficult too.  ( Uh….what to do, what to do, recalculating, circuits overloading….) Just breathe normally. No hyperventilating.  It will be OK. This is important. Don’t be rude. WWJD.

But then an early Christmas miracle: I stopped.

I stopped moving in double-time. I just stopped.  I listened. I cared.  I really  saw her. I saw her as a person who needed to talk. (It was a God thing because  I was on a caffeine overdose.)

She continues on……sometimes she just needs to have a “good cry”. Her eyes glisten now. She knows there needs to be new traditions started. But what about the grandchildren? It will be so different this year.

I am nodding my head.  Yes, it will be different. I ask her if she has a plan for Christmas. Yes, she is having her whole family over.  Her home will be noisy and full. I am happy for her. She won’t be doing double-time; she will fully enjoy every single second in slow motion. Making and savoring  new memories with her family. I assure her that a good cry is OK too and then I hugged her. We both needed the hug.

My list?  Not everything got done and I  wasn’t at the grocery store when I wanted to be.  Big deal. Whoop-te-do.

I am glad I had a choice today and I am glad I chose to be interrupted. I didn’t need to talk, but she did. I only needed to listen and love. See and share.

 Maybe God will bless me with another interruption tomorrow. I hope I stop my double-timing long enough to embrace the interruption and more importantly, the  person. But don’t mess with my caffeine.

Photo credit to the University of Minnesota Marching Gophers


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