Krista Lynn Campbell

The Children’s Table

November 24, 2015

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Remember sitting at the  children’s table during a holiday meal?  You know, the table (usually located in the kitchen) where your cousins challenged each other to put carrot sticks up their noses.  You are stuck there because there is not enough room at the big people’s table (maybe “adult” is a better choice of words). What happens at the children’s table should stay at the children’s table: hiding the green beans in the napkins, playing in the gravy,  picking at the turkey carcass with little fingers, and piling your dessert plate high with Cool Whip, no pumpkin pie, just bring on the Cool Whip. IMG_5581

Here is a picture of the children’s table during morning snack time in the Dominican Republic. Don’t you love their concentration?

Each child received a metal cup with corn flakes and milk. The spoons seemed too large but they all managed quite well. They were pros.  No spills!!

They enjoyed every spoonful, down to the last drop! No chit-chatting; just getting down to business. Like this little girl!




Then I saw this little guy sitting alone out in the courtyard. I don’t know why he was not allowed at the children’s table. Why wasn’t he able to sit with his friends?  I was so glad that someone had remembered to bring him his cornflakes cup. He was enjoying his snack, but all alone. IMG_3949


I hope this Thanksgiving Day finds you surrounded by  those you love, counting your blessings and enjoying turkey and cornflakes. But go check out the children’s table, that is where the fun stuff is happening!

Keep walking and Happy Thanksgiving,





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