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The Chalkboard

November 3, 2015

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Today is the wedding anniversary of a very special couple. They are young and in love and it warms my heart.  I still consider them “newlyweds”, celebrating just 2 years of wedded happiness today. According to Hallmark’s list of traditional anniversary gifts, they should be very excited about Cotton. ( When I drove past some blooming cotton fields in the Carolinas last week, I didn’t realize I was missing  a shopping opportunity.) Whereas me and my hubby have passed Pearl and are closing in on the highly-anticipated  Coral gifts.( I hope all my relatives are reading this and they are goggling possible Coral gifts. I can’t wait!!)

This young couple will face tough life challenges as all marriages do : finances, aging parents, children, health, accidents, temptations, just raw life.  Sadly many young marrieds are swallowed up in the raging waters of life. Many don’t stay united to make it to the Wood gifts at 5 years. But I don’t doubt this couple’s marital longevity. Why? Because I know they do not ride the tough life waves alone. On their wedding day,  they made their vows of love and commitment not only to each other but to God and before God. Many of us have done the same.

But what I applaud them for is their faithfulness to prayer. They made a decision, that has become a 2-year-old  habit and I believe their marriage is being blessed for it. They pray together each morning.  They both work outside the home and mornings come early.  Yet, they still take/make the time to pray together before leaving their home. They have a chalkboard in their kitchen that lists the hurts and needs of others and of their own. Some private issues, some are public. As husband and wife, they bring these concerns and praises to the feet of God before they start their day and God smiles.

God is honored and pleased with their intentionality and consistency in talking with Him. IMG_5146 This old married lady can learn a lot from the newlyweds.



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