Krista Lynn Campbell

Make it Special

Some of my most memorable birthdays are not  about a specific gift but about a specific feeling. I felt special. On my special day, I felt very special. That was a great feeling as a child. That is what has stuck with me. Not a gift that I eventually  outgrew or broke. But the lasting feeling of “I am special. ” Isn’t that how we should feel on our birthdays? The God of the universe created each one of us unique and special. I am His Handiwork and that makes me extremely special.

Psalm 139: 13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

Money was tight growing up but my mother always made sure to make our birthdays  special. I am the third of four girls. I am not the oldest or the baby. I was just “one of the middle” girls. Pretty easy not to feel special.

My birthday is in the fall which meant I even had to go to school, most years, on my birthday. But when I got home and finished my chores, I knew I could count on a special dessert. Following  our evening  meal,  I was tickled to be presented with my very own perfect-size birthday cake! While my sisters and I were at school and not underfoot, my mother had time to bake. She creatively used  3 small round aluminum pans from our play kitchen set. She stirred up some chocolate  cake batter and spooned it carefully  into the  greased and floured tiny cake pans.


(The remaining batter was  put in a regular-size cake pan for my regular, non-birthday, non-special siblings.  zing-zing) When the toothpick came out clean, she knew they were ready. She carefully extracted them  and  stacked them one on top of the other. Then the creation was covered with vanilla icing and topped with one candle. Yummy! It was my very own special, tiny 3-tiered cake! I was special indeed.  A special cake for my special day. God created me special and my mother did this small thing to make sure I felt special.

Around the world, children’s birthdays come and go and they don’t know how  special they are.  Poverty gets in the way. But TODAY is a very special day for a young boy or girl because it is their birthday!  TODAY a birthday child is waiting to feel special and loved. YOU can help by clicking here Happy Birthday

TODAY you are changing a child’s life on his/her birthday! How cool is that? That is special cool!

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