Krista Lynn Campbell



November 12, 2015

Dear fellow travelers,

I confess I have a lot of love-hate relationships in my life right now. I love when the life-waters are calm and the life-sailing is smooth but those feelings turn to  hate as soon as the waves grow larger and the turbulence increases.

I absolutely love to blog when my computer cooperates but when I spend hours writing a post and it disappears…….HATE TIME. I love my microwave when it is installed above the stove and with  the push of a button heats up something yummy but currently I HATE it. Several weeks ago, it began beeping randomly throughout the day causing me to question my sanity. I think it was sending out a secret SOS message to the mother ship about the unintelligent life here. Now it has been removed from the wall and is sitting in the middle of our  floor until my husband lets me take a sledge hammer to it. Definitely Hate , the microwave, not my husband 🙂

I passionately love my Steelers when they play well and hopefully win ( yes, I do expect them to win every game) but on  most  Sundays I hear such hateful, ugly  words coming out of my mouth. My husband could insert lots of comments here but I can’t let him near the keyboard so quickly moving on…….

I love my gym membership. At least I think I love it, I can’t really remember.  I haven’t been there in so long, obviously I am not  in love with it after all. Never mind.

I love the trees in our yard for the shade and the birdie homes they provide throughout the summertime. But now I hate them. How dare they drop all those leaves for me to rake! Grrrrrr

I love my jeans when they can stay zipped-up throughout a meal but usually I hate them because they are cutting into my extra roll of tummy and the zipper must come down  (see above  gym membership).

I have the luxury to change my mind and move in and out of lovehate relationships. Sometimes silly relationships.

What about people? Am I always loving? Do I sometimes hate? To be honest, yes I do. I have hated. That is an ugly thing to confess. I can be full of love but also very full of hate.

I have just finished reading through the book of John in my yearly goal to read through the Bible.  This means I have read through all 4 Gospels which means I read about Jesus’ willingness to die a horrible death on the cross for me 4 times. I have read 4 times about His arrest, trial, crucifixion, burial and resurrection through the inspired words of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. That is hard to read and attempt to comprehend one time, but 4 times is beyond humbling and sickening.

Through it all, Jesus is all Love-Love. Through the bogus trial and false accusations- Love. Through the brutal beatings and inhumane crucifixion – Love. And that Love was for me, then and now. What He did then, was out of Love for me now.  I continually offer  Him countless reasons to turn away from me and even hate me:   when I am disobedient,   when I sin, and when I turn my back on Him.   But LOVE, was His response then and now  He is all Love-Love. All the time.

For God so Loved the world…..



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