Krista Lynn Campbell

Getting My “Cheer” On

November 20, 2015

Dear Fellow Travelers,

I spent today dusting off my pom-poms and practicing my splits. I am getting my “cheer” on. I will be cheering for “Team Jay” at the 50-mile JFK ultra marathon tomorrow. Give me a “J”…… J

The car is packed with a sleeping bag, blankets, clothes, food, drinks, and pom-poms. I am ready (not excited but ready) to get up at 2:15 am and drive to Boonsboro in Washington County, Maryland to cheer for my biggest cheerleader, my hubby.

The 50-mile JFK is the nation’s oldest and largest ultra marathon. You have to be in great physical condition to attempt this but the required mental fortitude amazes me just as much. I just can’t get my mind wrapped around 50 miles in one day! The realization that once your start; you will not stop until 50 miles down the road. That just blows my mind. If I could have a week to complete it, then maybe.

But I will be there. Clapping, cheering loudly and providing course support (I have the easy part).

That’s what we do for one another. IMG_5491 (1)

Last year we engaged in a activity of writing our marital mission statement. A statement that would define what was important to our marriage and therefore, what wasn’t. This paper would help guide our actions and decision making. We knew it was a great idea, even with 31 years of wedded bliss under our belts. My elementary teacher genes kicked in and we made it  into an acrostic, spelling out CAMPBELL.  It was typed and printed and placed on our wall as a daily reminder.

So when this Saturday before Thanksgiving (tomorrow) rolls around, I am reminded of our letter “E”.   Our “E” is:  “Enjoy sharing and living each other’s life dreams.” Why my hubby has chosen a 50-mile walk/run as one of his life dreams, I have no idea. But he has, so I support him. I will cheer him on and on and on; from his start at 5 am until he crosses the finish line.  Go Jay Go!

“You are doing great!”

“You can do this!”

“Keep going, you got this!”

I am his cheerleader and he is mine.  He is my biggest and loudest cheerleader, but he refuses to use the pom-poms. When one of my life dreams was to start an outreach to give new sneakers to children in need, he cheered, “Go for it!” When this website and blog became another life dream, he cheered,  “I know you can do it!” The list goes on and on. I have been very blessed to hear many hubby-cheers throughout the years.

Does someone you know need a little cheering? Your spouse? Your child? A co-worker? An encouraging word or a pat on the back can mean so much. Go get your “cheer” on and brighten someone’s day. I will even let you borrow my pom-poms.

Keep walking (not 50-miles but keep walking)



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