Krista Lynn Campbell

Don’t Stop

November 5, 2015

Dear Fellow travelers,

                                      “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.

Let me walk upon the waters, wherever you would call me. IMG_5171

Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger,

in the presence of my Savior.”  

( “Oceans”, Hillsong Music )

Time at an empty beach is perfect for me and Jesus time.  He is always waiting there for me to come and spend time together. Time to open up and empty out and wait on His filling.

I love the beach, where I feel so very small and my God is so very big and mighty. It reminds me of what I am capable of accomplishing on my own strength which is nothing. Nothing without His strength, His Direction and His blessing. I need to be reminded of that from time to time .  A life coach once challenged me, “Remember you are to do your job, and let God do His job. ” Don’t take on, pick up, or drag around issues that have been placed on  God’s “to do” list.

I am wrapping up one chapter in my life and anxious (and scared-silly) about  starting a brand new one. It is out of my comfort zone and a new language is required.  Through trials, lots of errors and tears, I am trying to learn how to add a  widget, the difference between pages and posts, and how to navigate this website.   Have I committed this new adventure fully and completely to Him? Not really, mostly I am already miles down the beach.  Then I begin to feel so alone. I have lost my directional compass. I have run ahead away from my Power Source and my best Friend.

Last night when my frustration had reached critical level, I walked away from my keyboard ( rather than take a baseball bat to it) and looked for a book to read. I was done. I sent up the white flag. I had proven once and for all: you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But thankfully God wasn’t done with me yet. He lead me to pick up a book, Live Love Lead, that I began reading in August after hearing the author,  Brian Houston, speak.  I was flipping through it, trying to determine where I had stopped reading months ago. Chapter nineteen, “Don’t Stop”, caught my eye.  Yes, God, please tell me why I shouldn’t stop! I need to know why I shouldn’t throw in the towel.

“If you’re currently in transition, facing the end of something, perhaps the beginning of something else, you must look at this crossroads as a battlefront. When we face the end of one chapter of our lives and before we begin the next, it’s often the catalyst for a battle. You see, our enemy the devil often tries to wedge a foot in the door and catch us off guard during these times of transition. He’s hoping we’ll feel disoriented and uncertain, afraid and a bit wary. He would love to derail your journey of faith and send you down a wrong path, deceiving you into thinking you’d reached a dead end.” (Live Love Lead, Brian Houston)

Boom! God used Brian Houston’s words on page 235 to speak to me! He met me where I was ( down the beach and running on empty) and reminded me what is my job (obey Him) and what is His job (everything else).

“I love the fact that it ain’t over until God says it’s over.” (Live Love Lead, Brian Houston)

Don’t Stop.

Let’s keep walking worthy of our calling




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