Krista Lynn Campbell

Couch Potato

Where did my walk take me today? Not very far. To the couch and  in front of the TV. All day long.  No mashed potatoes, no sweet potatoes; just a couch potato.

I must watch the Macy’s Parade. Tradition. I must see the Rockettes perform. Tradition. No wavering on these traditions.

Then football. And more football. And since 2006, I get to enjoy a third game on Thanksgiving. So much to be thankful for.   I obviously have a problem. My favorite team wasn’t even playing. Doesn’t matter.  Somebody is playing  somebody else somewhere.  I just love football.

I love the excitement and the physicality of the game.  I love how the quarterback is willing to stand in the pocket and scan the  field,  knowing that some really big guys are bearing down on him. I love how the running backs just put their heads down and plow through the pile. Maybe they zig and zag and weave in and out. It is a lovely dance  to watch. I love how the wide receivers contort their bodies to catch the ball. They aren’t thinking how they will feel when they hit the ground or when the defensive guy levels them; they just want to catch that ball.  I love how these guys take hard hits and get back up.

They are tough guys and they play tough. I respect that. They play in any kind of weather. Heavy rain. Game on. Snow. Game on. It doesn’t matter.  That just adds to the excitement!

No turkey today either. There is a turkey smiling somewhere. I had steamed shrimp with several helpings of  football. I could have had a peanut butter sandwich and would have been happy. Just give me some football and a couch.

Once in awhile we need to give ourselves permission to be couch potatoes.

Guilt free. Just relax. All day long.

“The way we rest matters as much as all we do. Go get some.” Bob Goff

2 thoughts on “Couch Potato”

  1. Livin’ like a couch potato! Love that!!! We do need all to relax a little bit more. Enjoy the down time. Running at 60mph – we are missing all the cool scenery in our lives.

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