Krista Lynn Campbell

A Very Bright Day

November 14, 2015

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Today I found a brown box at my front door! An unexpected gift! Yay! My day brightened! But what could be inside? My birthday had come and gone and it is a little too early for Christmas. Hmmmm.

A  quick slit through the top and I discover lots and lots of  colorful  feet! I love them! They are so cool! I love the bright colors and I appreciate that someone took the time to brighten my day with this surprise! They purchased the fun feet, scattered them throughout the  tissue paper-lined box. and included a very loving, encouraging card. They drove through traffic to the post office, probably stood in a long line, and paid for shipping. They were intentional. They knew what this would mean to me. They knew this would brighten my day. That shows their kind heart. IMG_5327

The card revealed the mystery gift-giver. So I made a  quick phone call to say “thank you so much”  and my day turned even brighter. She tearfully told me that she just started sponsoring two dear little boys in Indonesia!A day can’t get much brighter!

It is hard to put into words how sponsorship truly changes a child’s life; how this will impact these 2 young boys. It is a very special relationship and it is a God-thing.

I told her their packets will show up within the next several weeks. They will include picture bookmarks,  pictures for on her fridge, and introduction letters to get the relationships started.  I suggested that the boys probably like soccer (most little boys do) so go buy some soccer ball stickers to send with your letters. Lots of fun ideas were popping into my mind. This is so exciting! Oh, the ways you will brighten their days!

Yes, my day was brightened with my box of happy feet. But when these 2 boys in Indonesia learn that they are sponsored, their days will be brightened too and their lives will never be the same. It was a very bright day indeed!




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