Krista Lynn Campbell

Your Happy Place

October 26, 2015

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Writing to my Compassion children takes me to one of my happy places. I hope each of you have a happy place. Perhaps it is an actual physical place that makes you happy (for my husband, it would be a golf course). Maybe it is just being with certain people, doing certain activities.

One evening we were doubled-over with laughter with our missionary friends enjoying  crème-filled doughnuts. Definitely a happy place! Friends + food = happy place

One recent happy place was at my dining room table making some Christmas cards for each of our Compassion children. I cluttered the table with paper, markers,  scissors, stickers and glue sticks. And there was glitter! Anytime there is glitter, you know it is a happy place. I had so much fun! I was definitely in my happy place. I wasn’t thinking about the laundry that wasn’t folded nor the dishwasher that wasn’t loaded. I got lost in the faces of our children. I remembered how each and every correspondence is such a precious gift to them.  So I cut, glued and wrote.  I wrote of Jesus’ birthday and of His enormous love for each of them.  I poured out my love for each of them. I was in my happy place and didn’t want to leave.

You can do this too! If you doubt your creative ability, do not fear. This is a win-win! Your child will love whatever you create. I was so  happy writing and I know they will be happy reading! Win-Win!

Go find your happy place! (with lots of glitter) star

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