Krista Lynn Campbell

The Most Important Walk

Dear fellow travelers,

Look at us! We are starting this journey together! I wasn’t certain how to begin, but after experiencing a very holy moment recently in the Dominican Republic, I knew this is where we must start.

Carlos and Maria welcomed the Team ( 8 of us traveling with Compassion International) warmly into their modest home on the side of a hill in the Santiago area. If you have had the privilege to travel to a still-developing country, you understand the meaning behind “modest”. They shared, we shared. Then they said (through the help of a translator) they wanted to receive Jesus into their hearts! We rejoiced but the angels were rejoicing more loudly! We prayed with them. There were tears and hugs. It was a holy, precious moment.

That is it. The most important walk anyone can take is the one into the ever-open arms of Jesus. Carlos and Maria made that walk. Hope you do too.



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