Krista Lynn Campbell

The Hard Walk

Dear fellow travelers,

I confess that I prefer paper and pencil. I journal almost everyday and I love a nice sharpened pencil and a blank page (an eraser helps too). I can pour out my heart thoughts and my prayers on that page privately yet open to God Almighty. It is my safe place. So I promised myself that I would blog for 1 year. Let’s see how the blank computer screen compares to my journal. Will my fingers fly across the keyboard as they do with my #2 pencil? Time will tell and trees will be saved.

“A Hard  Walk” comes following the death of a friend in a life-ending car accident. It only took a few seconds to end his 56 year-old life. It only took a few seconds to change his family’s life forever. They walked a very difficult week and I will not pretend to understand their pain and anguish, but Jesus gets it. Only He can comfort them since He struggled under the weight of my sin and your sin as God, in the flesh, willingly made a hard walk to the Cross. Why? Because He loves us that much.

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