Krista Lynn Campbell

A Painful Walk

Dear fellow travelers,

Two different women. Two different continents. One common pain: domestic violence. One lives in a still-developing country and one lives in my neighborhood. Physical pain at the hands of someone who is suppose to love you is an incomprehensible pain.  I asked her if she is safe. “I am as long as he is in jail, ” she replied in front of her 12-year-old daughter.  How does this affect this impressionable  girl? Her father beat her mother. Her father broke several of her mother’s ribs. How do you  process that? The future is scary and unknown.  She knows that she will need to move once he is out of jail, but she doesn’t know where she will go. In the States, thankfully there are shelters available but in Malawi (and other still-developing countries), a woman often lives in her husband’s village far removed from any help or safety. Where do they turn? What will they do? When does their painful walk end? There are no easy, quick solutions for either of these ladies. My heart breaks for them.

I will give my husband an extra long hug tonight.


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