Krista Lynn Campbell

A Joyful Walk

Walking to get my mail at my mailbox is part of my daily routine.  I may be splashing through rain puddles or plodding through  snow depending upon the season. Currently, I  am enjoying the colorful display of fallen leaves crunching beneath my feet.  Opening my mailbox and finding a cream-colored envelope with blue lettering from Compassion, always brings a smile to my face.  Who wrote to me? Is it from our dear little Israel in Peru or precious Angel in Mexico?  Perhaps it is from one of our children in Tanzania?

What news did they want to share with me? Are they well? Are they safe? How are they doing in school? How is their family? What news has traveled many miles and now I hold in my hands?  What will I learn about this special child? What prayer needs will be revealed? With my envelope in hand, this is no longer a routine walk, but a joyful walk!  I have the privilege of connecting and developing a relationship with a child and his/her family somewhere far beyond my zip code.  Exchanging letters with our Compassion children, moves our relationship from merely sponsorship into a deeper friendship. When you sponsor a child with Compassion (check out the link in  “Their Walk”), you too can experience a joyful walk from your mailbox when that cream-colored envelope with blue lettering arrives. Oh Happy Day! IMG_4913


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