Krista Lynn Campbell

A Joyful Walk Part 2

October 23, 2015

Dear fellow travelers,

What a joyful mailbox day part 2! I reached in to find 2 letters! One from our little boy, Goodluck, and our little girl, Hilda. They both live in Tanzania and attend the same Center.  But, wait, there is more……I also received a packet of information on  the latest addition to our family. A handsome young man named Wilmer from El Salvador. We will be corresponding with him. As his correspondent, we have the privilege of exchanging letters and developing a relationship with him. We  encourage him, shower love on him,  and share Bible verses with him. We are not his sponsors though. I love that Compassion gives this option. Some corporations or individuals are not letter-writers. No problem! They find people who are! So a big welcome to Wilmer!! He just celebrated his 12th birthday and his picture is already up on our wall. I have requested additional correspondent children so perhaps there will be more surprises in my mailbox very soon.

You may not think letter-writing is very important to your child. But I am telling you… is HUGE! If you ever have the opportunity to go on a sponsor trip, you will witness how the  children and parents value each and every letter as a precious gift. They truly do! On a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, we were welcomed into a home of a single mom. She has 4 children. The two oldest girls are both in the Compassion program. One receives letters from her sponsor and proudly produced them for us to view. The other one does not receive any letters. She is 14 years old and that speaks volumes to her. She cried as the translator shared with us how sad she was. Why did her sister receive letters on a regular basis but she did not? Was there something wrong with her? Oh the immense hurt and pain in those tears!

Wrapping up our visit and upon returning to the Center, our group decided to take action. We decided that we will write letters to that young lady ourselves. We grabbed paper and pen and with the help of our amazing translator began pouring out our love and encouragement! (The representative from the Center would hand deliver them for us.) This precious child of God would know how  much she is loved.

So write, write, write.  The children, of all ages, matter and so do your letters!

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