Krista Lynn Campbell


I am a child advocate offering words of encouragement on this Journey called Life. I believe each child should live Free: free from poverty, abuse, and preventable diseases. I want to make a difference. Hope you'll join me.

love reminders

Tucked between my license and credit card, a love reminder. Composed by Hallmark but chosen by my husband, a little love reminder to carry with me. A Reminder of My Love Remember that I love you and I’m proud you’re my wife.  Remember that, no matter what, you have a friend for life.   A love reminder …

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the horse rider

As the chickens strutted around our feet, we introduced ourselves to the mother and her three sons. Jorge,  (pronounced Hor-hay) was enrolled in the local Compassion project. Under the warm Mexican sun, our lives intertwined as we listened, prayed, and enjoyed their chickens, turkeys, and Jorge’s pet turtle. Through our interpreter, Jorge shared his dream …

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Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. ~ Abraham Lincoln Preparation is deflated soccer balls, bubbles, crayons, and Spanish lessons on You Tube. Hola, me llama Krista and Jesus te ama. Preparation week culminates with a Chipotle burrito and a Walmart run for play-doh and Pepto Bismol. Evidence …

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I longed for beauty as January’s cold and gray enticed me to remain in bed. As neighbors yanked lights from their doorways and tossed once decorated trees to the curb, I searched for beauty.  Beauty calls and awakens us uniquely. My mother-in-law creates beauty through embroidering and beading. My husband describes beauty as a well-crafted …

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Believe. A popular word during the holiday season especially with children and their parents. The elf on the shelf watches and reports to the big guy, so believe. As the calendar turns to 2018, I chose Believe as my guide word for the New Year. Years ago, I moved passed the struggle of belief in …

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Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. Proverbs 16: 3 (NIV) A catch-up breakfast with friends, an impromptu lunch with my best friend, and late-night hot chocolates with my best buddies. December’s calendar overflows with plans. Shopping, wrapping, decorating, and family gatherings. A December wedding created a flurry of plans: floral arranging, …

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How would you like to be a spotted elephant? Or a Choo-Choo with square wheels on your caboose? Or a water pistol that shoots… jelly? We’re all misfits! How would you like to be a bird that doesn’t fly? I swim! Or a cowboy who rides an ostrich? Or a boat that can’t stay afloat? …

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brown leaves

For 363 days a year, I am a tree-lover. I enjoy their shade during the summertime heat and marvel at their colorful fall display. During thunderstorms, I witness their strength as they bend and sway anchored by deep roots. Trees improve my air quality and provide homes for a gazillion pesky squirrels and my beloved …

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