Krista Lynn Campbell


I am a child advocate offering words of encouragement on this Journey called Life. I believe each child should live Free: free from poverty, abuse, and preventable diseases. I want to make a difference. Hope you'll join me.


  November 12, 2015 Dear fellow travelers, I confess I have a lot of love-hate relationships in my life right now. I love when the life-waters are calm and the life-sailing is smooth but those feelings turn to  hate as soon as the waves grow larger and the turbulence increases. I absolutely love to blog when my computer cooperates …

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54 Reasons

Looking for a reason to start sponsoring a child?  Well, here are 54. These are my 54 reasons why I sponsor. One reason for each year I have been alive. Maybe one of my reasons will speak to  you and encourage you to  start your sponsorship journey.  Maybe your reason will be “Because of Judah”. Check out: Fall in Love with Judah   …

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Don’t Stop

November 5, 2015 Dear Fellow travelers,                                       “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders. Let me walk upon the waters, wherever you would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger, in the presence of my Savior.”   ( “Oceans”, Hillsong Music ) Time at …

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The Chalkboard

November 3, 2015 Dear Fellow Travelers, Today is the wedding anniversary of a very special couple. They are young and in love and it warms my heart.  I still consider them “newlyweds”, celebrating just 2 years of wedded happiness today. According to Hallmark’s list of traditional anniversary gifts, they should be very excited about Cotton. ( When …

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November 1: Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

In the States, we awaken this Sunday morning rested from our extra hour of sleep (thank you daylight savings time). We are blessed to have the freedom to attend a church of our choice, within close proximity to our homes, with Bibles in hand. Some of us sing hymns and some praise songs, some may wear their Sunday best and some come …

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The Gift of Friendship

Matilda. James. Beatrice. Happy. All best friend names.  All special gifts of my Compassion children.  Recent letters from several of my children focused on who are their friends and why they are friends. I enjoyed learning the names of their friends. (Mental note: another conversation starting point for me when I write back.)  I also loved their honesty to the question of why …

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Enough Hope

October 28, 2015 Dear Fellow Travelers, Everything changes when a child finds hope! We need to put that on sticky notes around our homes as reminders that our words speak hope to a child and it changes them! Recently I heard Santiago “Jimmy”  Mellado, President of Compassion International speak. He spoke about giving our children “enough hope to make …

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Your Happy Place

October 26, 2015 Dear Fellow Travelers, Writing to my Compassion children takes me to one of my happy places. I hope each of you have a happy place. Perhaps it is an actual physical place that makes you happy (for my husband, it would be a golf course). Maybe it is just being with certain people, doing …

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