Krista Lynn Campbell


I am a child advocate offering words of encouragement on this Journey called Life. I believe each child should live Free: free from poverty, abuse, and preventable diseases. I want to make a difference. Hope you'll join me.

The Small Stuff

December 1, 2015 Dear Fellow Travelers, A new month! I have missed our walking together.  A little disclaimer:  I just want you to know I have not been a couch potato all weekend. But I applaud you if you have been potato couching!  If you were able to rest, recover and reflect from a horizontal position throughout the holiday …

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Couch Potato

Where did my walk take me today? Not very far. To the couch and  in front of the TV. All day long.  No mashed potatoes, no sweet potatoes; just a couch potato. I must watch the Macy’s Parade. Tradition. I must see the Rockettes perform. Tradition. No wavering on these traditions. Then football. And more football. …

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The Children’s Table

November 24, 2015 Dear Fellow Travelers, Remember sitting at the  children’s table during a holiday meal?  You know, the table (usually located in the kitchen) where your cousins challenged each other to put carrot sticks up their noses.  You are stuck there because there is not enough room at the big people’s table (maybe “adult” is a better …

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Stink, Stank, Stunk!

November 22, 2015 Dear Fellow Travelers, Balloons are so much fun, right? Everyone loves a balloon! They are colorful and can be twisted into fun animal shapes. Balloons usually signal a celebration, a party, definitely a fun time! Children, especially, love balloons. Give a young child a balloon and you made a happy friend! In October, …

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Make it Special

Some of my most memorable birthdays are not  about a specific gift but about a specific feeling. I felt special. On my special day, I felt very special. That was a great feeling as a child. That is what has stuck with me. Not a gift that I eventually  outgrew or broke. But the lasting feeling of “I …

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Unmerited Generosity

November 18, 2015 Dear Fellow Travelers, Today my life-walk took me several hours away to spend time with my 87-year-old aunt and accompany her to a doctor’s appointment.  She stands about 5 feet tall but can add a few inches when she gets her hair done.  She still has some life-fire in her belly and that white hair (poofy or not) only …

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  November 12, 2015 Dear fellow travelers, I confess I have a lot of love-hate relationships in my life right now. I love when the life-waters are calm and the life-sailing is smooth but those feelings turn to  hate as soon as the waves grow larger and the turbulence increases. I absolutely love to blog when my computer cooperates …

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54 Reasons

Looking for a reason to start sponsoring a child?  Well, here are 54. These are my 54 reasons why I sponsor. One reason for each year I have been alive. Maybe one of my reasons will speak to  you and encourage you to  start your sponsorship journey.  Maybe your reason will be “Because of Judah”. Check out: Fall in Love with Judah   …

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