Krista Lynn Campbell


I am a child advocate offering words of encouragement on this Journey called Life. I believe each child should live Free: free from poverty, abuse, and preventable diseases. I want to make a difference. Hope you'll join me.

21 seconds

He spoke for 21 seconds and I hung on every word. I replayed the video clip again. His dark eyes locked with mine; his voice just above a whisper. My favorite part came at the end with a wave. I loved this young man even though I understood not a single word he said. Captivated …

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mighty momma

Nameless. Some sources offered Zlelponith or Hazelelponi as possibilities for the woman of Judges 13. I nicknamed her Zel. One might miss Zel on the way to ‘the rest of the story’. But Zel of Judges 13 deserved my pause. Few facts are offered about her. She married Manoah and was barren. Missing details of Zel’s emotions and …

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I wanna be fat

I wanna be fat. Not fat from too many McDonald’s french fries or too little exercise. Not because I’ve failed (again) at my latest diet attempt. I wanna be fat like the late Billy Graham. At Reverend Graham’s funeral, Ned Graham described his father as FAT. Faithful. Available.Teachable.   Faithful.Thirty-five years ago, I spoke vows before God, family, and friends …

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parking lot praises

Lies and betrayal replaced bedtime prayers as my precious ballerina daughter transformed into a rebellious stranger. Throughout high school she tested home rules, but college life offered additional freedoms too hard to resist. Following graduation, she moved in with her boyfriend and walked the path of a prodigal. As she turned away from me and …

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A confirmed flu case closed the assisted living facility where my eighty-nine-year-old aunt resides. Quarantine. No visitors allowed. Residents required to stay in their rooms with meals delivered throughout the day.  As isolation closed in, my aunt reached out. She called relatives to hear another voice. I answered when her name popped up on my cell …

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Silly or not, we weren’t sure. But with a sharpie, we began. On one side, we printed Jesus loves you. On the other, Krista and Jay love you. Our best love-words on a wooden heart tucked into our suitcase. In addition to memories and photos, we wanted a keepsake from our time with Angel, our sponsored …

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love reminders

Tucked between my license and credit card, a love reminder. Composed by Hallmark but chosen by my husband, a little love reminder to carry with me. A Reminder of My Love Remember that I love you and I’m proud you’re my wife.  Remember that, no matter what, you have a friend for life.   A love reminder …

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the horse rider

As the chickens strutted around our feet, we introduced ourselves to the mother and her three sons. Jorge,  (pronounced Hor-hay) was enrolled in the local Compassion project. Under the warm Mexican sun, our lives intertwined as we listened, prayed, and enjoyed their chickens, turkeys, and Jorge’s pet turtle. Through our interpreter, Jorge shared his dream …

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