Krista Lynn Campbell


I am a child advocate offering words of encouragement on this Journey called Life. I believe each child should live Free: free from poverty, abuse, and preventable diseases. I want to make a difference. Hope you'll join me.

a gold medal day

Relay races with colorful balloons squeezed between legs. Ping pong balls balanced on plastic spoons. Time for fun and games with children at a Compassion project in Oaxaca, Mexico. Chaos and laughter erupted when balloons popped and ping pong balls bounced away. The sound of pure joy filled the church’s sanctuary.  A team member brought gold medals …

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a small world

In the little grocery store, we purchased beans, oil, and rice.  We added sugar, once rationed, to our basket along with a sweet treat: lollipops.  With our box of staples packed,we drove to Goodluck’s home in Tanzania. While my husband climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with Compassion International, I traveled with a Compassion representative to spend additional time …

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love came close

The two towns appeared close; approximately an inch separated Arusha and Karatu in Tanzania. ‘One inch’ translated into a three-hour drive, one way. Better map-reading would have allowed fear to keep me in Arusha. But a Love lesson awaited, just an inch away.  In Karatu, two Compassion Centers added wood and metal shops to provide …

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highs with lows

His excitement was palpable. “In March, I will be 11 years old and I’m going to get a chocolate cake.” Israel lives in Peru and shared his chocolate news with me 3,500 miles away.Yay for birthdays celebrated with chocolate cake! His sentence contained two of my favorite things: chocolate and cake. My fingers flew across the …

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matters of the heart

The thick envelope exposed the secret. In addition to a donation request, the American Heart Association enclosed return address labels decorated for Valentine’s Day. “Be Mine” and “With Love” written across red and gold hearts adorned each sticky label. Reminders to be kind to my heart, go easy on the chocolate, and spread some love …

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a handsome charro

My heart smiled as Angel beamed under the large sombrero. For his school’s dance, Angel dressed as a charro, a traditional Mexican horseman. His letter offered happy words and pictures of a smiling charro. “Many people congratulated me and said I looked handsome and they had many pictures taken with me.” So much joy and confidence in …

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The special delivery arrived on September 24th by Fed Ex. The driver muscled the pallet across the gravel driveway and into the garage. With scissors in hand, I sliced open small, medium, and large boxes to discover their contents. It was like Christmas morning. Each box contained beautiful promises. Pens, pencils, rulers, and notebooks declare promises …

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No fanfare, wax seal, or calligraphy adorned the cream-colored envelope. Inside, a folded 8.5 X 11 piece of paper extended a grand invitation. An invitation to connect with a child. Invitations from children served by Compassion International and World Vision remind me to look beyond my walls, worries, and wishes and step into their world. …

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choosing to see

Ethan could have missed it. He could have been too naive, too overwhelmed, too selfish, or too young. Instead, Ethan chose to see. In 2017, Ethan and his father visited Uganda and their sponsored child, Emmanuel. While there, Ethan saw children walking everywhere barefoot and decided to do something. He gave Emmanuel his shoes. As …

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